The Atrocities of Mexican Cuisine
Caution: This article is only for people with nerves of steel and serious appetites! Agnieszka shares the intimate details of Mexican cuisine specialties.
San Miguel de Allende stinks
San Miguel, a World Heritage site, known for it's beauty and rich cultural life, where trash and dog excrement adorn cobblestones streets.
Mexico for Dummies, The Missing Guide
A few savoir-vivre tips for tourists crazy enough to visit San Miguel de Allende, Mexico or any less civilized country in general.
Never Travel to Mexico
Finally we understood that our Sabbatical is nothing, but a big mistake. An old friend of mine pointed it out gracefully. He also shared a few reasons to [...]
Heroic Puebla de Zaragoza
The biggest colonial town in Central Mexico is always sunny and inviting. Despite being very European, it is quintessentially Mexican.
Things I Hate About Mexico
Mexico is a wonderful country, but despite it's unquestionable qualities, there are a few things we'd love to see changed.
Costa Esmeralda
The New Years Eve of our dreams - beach party, Ocean... contaminated sand, storm, floods and tons of garbage.
Casa Azul
For many it's just an ordinary, blue house. For others it's the most sacred place in the heart of Mexico.
Nadia practicing Yoga in El Tajin
Place of Invisible Spirits
The first pre-Columbian ruins we've visited in Mexico guard secrets of their founders. Some of them, we were about to discover. Against our will...
Las Pozas
Sir Edward James filled this garden with concrete sculptures and turned a piece of subtropical Mexican jungle into a surrealistic gallery.