Easy slow rising bread recipe
Are you looking for an easy, cost effective, few ingredients bread recipe? Here it is!
DIY Christmas Stamps
Very cute Christmas project that even a 4 year old can do!
Christmas wreath
Easy project from materials easily available.
What can you make out of felted sweter?
Recycling at its best! Cute, yet simple project for a fashionista.
Pasta con sarde
Great camping, pantry, nutricious family dinner for $10!
How to make recycled kids party favor boxes
My obsession continues. What else can you turn a toilet paper tube into? How about some chocolate boxes..
Visit at Yosemite
Forced to cut our visit to Yosemite short, we thought we were not going to see much...boy we were wrong
Whole Foods or… Whole Paycheck?
For a real foddie it is like going to Disnayland for a kid. A recent visit to glamorous Whole Foods was quite the eye opener, certainly not my first [...]
Mobil- a great gift for every little girls room
A little rewind... still posts from SMA that I did not have time to publish. How to make a beautiful mobil from recycled materials.
In the Desert the Beasts Come Out at Night
Wild donkeys roaming free in the desert, at night come out from their hiding places to check out trash cans and drink water from the fountains.