Monthly Archives: October 2011

Last minute preparations before we cross the border. Or have we crossed is already? Is Laredo still in the USA...?
This is where the Texan alligators live.
After leaving New Orleans we couldn't find a place good enough to stay longer than a few days, which means we're ready for the next milestone - Mexico, [...]
New Orleans 2011
New Orleans
Welcome on the bayou! A field trip to New Orleans earns us Junior Ranger badges and a real pirate story!
Greek Festival
Greek street festival in Pensacola draws a people from all walks of life. For one night we all were Greek.
Naval Aviation Museum
We've visited the military base in Pensacola, walked on board aircraft carrier and piloted a few planes. Well, almost...
Fort Pickens
Another week on a dreamy island proves that life on a beach is not bad at all. Sometimes windy, but overall very pleasant.
Great Blue Heron at Sunset
Chattahoochee to Pensacola
Chattahoochee and Fort Pickens are two completely different places, but for some reason we like them both.
Hanna Park
The Zen of life and how a broken wheel bearing can ruin your life.
First impressions after couple of days in Jacksonville.