Monthly Archives: August 2011

Main Square in Dolny Benesov
Opava and vinicity
Looking for ancestors in small villages in the Czech Republic.
Street artists in Vienna
On our way from Gmunden to the Czech republic, we've stopped for a couple of hours in Vienna.
Europa Kreuz
Europa Kreuz
A second trip in the mountains, this time much higher and... much more comfortable (despite terrible weather at first).
Zorbing in Agrarium
A day at the farm.
The way to the Grünberg
The way to the top of Grünberg, a major accomplishment for the younger members of the Family Quest and what it takes to convince the Captain to the [...]
Munich, Public Market
How the Bajans become part of the next German super production (we hope), how to turn any meal into Bavarian traditional and where not to park in the city [...]
Cathedral in Strasbourg
An afternoon in Strasbourg, a vibrant city on the French - German border.
Walking in the rain
A walk in the old town and in the French german Gardens of Saarbrucken.
Wolf in Merzig
A visit to wolfs park, a small petting zoo and a kids play area in Merzig.
A quick lunch and a short walk around the city on our way to Family in Saarland.