Monthly Archives: June 2011

Daniel H. Pink
What Motivates Us
Put the stick in the corner and feed that carrot to your donkey! We don't need to be managed to be efficient, just give us a little breathing room and we thrive.
Road Trip Planning
How to cope with stress at work, and about the importance of having detailed plans. In other words, hope for the best, but have a plan... or at least a [...]
Wet Road
Risky business
How experienced travelers apply common sense to everyday situations to make sure they don't miss a chance to get soaking wet on their way to work.
American Way of Life
A fresh perspective
How living abroad changes your friends and Family and why it's easier to tell stories when no one listens (Schrödinger's cat).
Country Road at sunset
Focus is key!
Why loosing focus is bad, loosing Focus is not. How your mind's clarity depends on bugs in your teeth and what to do on a curve.
Positive Energy
Positive Energy
How positive thinking can help you score a coffee, that a "free lunch" actually do exist in nature and that allergies can be cured by placing stones on [...]
exit sign
Exit Interview
What's the difference between exit strategy and an exit interview and how to find a bargain in our neck of the woods.
Old Maps and Spyglass
The Sabbatical is official!
It took a fair bit of courage to announce our Sabbatical to my employers. But their reaction was more surprising then I have imagined.