Monthly Archives: July 2011

How dreams become reality, even if painful at my parents house. The first few weeks of our Sabbatical are nice and quiet. Not really...
Ho Voglia Di Te
I Desire You, I Want You
How crossing a bridge I stumbled upon an interesting story and why I had to spent hours researching Italian love stories.
Locks on foot bridge over Odra river.
German Consulate in Opole
Weather in Poland can change in an instant. Today the sunny, hot and humid turned into cold and soaking wet in just few minutes. Fortunately at the time we [...]
Chorzów Town Hall
Chorzów City Center
Today we have failed. We didn't manage to arrange everything we needed to at the Registry Office, we run of of cash and patience. Instead we've taken a [...]
Chorzów – Amelung
International language school at Amelung pond or how to teach your kids few words you'd prefer to forget yourself.
Chorzów Stary
A few pictures taken in the oldest part of Chorzów on a cloudy day. This part of town reminds me the most of the hometown I remember from times growing up here.
European Vacations Planning
European Vacations Planning
The road trip planning began. How we plan to spend the next few weeks travelling around Europe and how tight keeping family helps with tight finances.
Upper Silesia
What is "Oberschlesien", why I call it home and why my Parents hate my guts at four o'clock in the morning.
Rainbow flag
European Man Bag
What's the fastest way to attract male companions using female accessories and how to squeeze your house to a shoe box.
Reisefieber – Travel Fever
It’s about sixty hours till departure. The house still isn’t rented, but it is almost empty now. Thanks to Eric and his pick-up truck, all have [...]