The End of the Road
After 14 months of wanderings, it's time to finish the journey. This is the missing, long overdue report from the last part of our trip.
Portlandia, where people ride naked
Portland is one of those cities that you either love or hate. We visited downtown for only a few hours, but we got the essence of it: naked bike riders, [...]
Memorial Day Weekend
Unlike normal people, we hate weekend. And Memorial Day is probably the worst of them...
Grand Canyon to Fresno
From Grand Canyon to Fresno, California. We are on the move, but hoping to be able to stop somewhere for at least a week. By now, setting up and folding [...]
Trek Updates
Just a quick update on our whereabouts. Don't really have enough time for a longer text...
Mexico City
Almost ready to leave, but catching up on some posts that should have been written long time ago...
Around The World in Soccer Mom Mobile
Some people are better suited for the traveling life. Seems as they take it seriously. In comparison, we fly by the seat of our pants...
Semana Santa
The Holy Week preceding Easter Sunday is one of the most festive times in Mexico. Semana Santa draws crowds to the beaches.
The Journey Isn’t Over Until It’s Over
We have left San Miguel de Allende, but that's not the end of the road yet. Actually, very, very far from it!
Alex sitting in front of the Pyramid of the Sun
Teotihuacan, the Birthplace of the Gods
After visiting one of the biggest pyramids of the Ancient World, we weren't expecting to be impressed with something more spectacular that same day. As [...]