Monthly Archives: September 2011

I wish we had more time to waste in Savannah. It's a truly marvelous city - laid back and very friendly, even though not really bicycle friendly.
For the first time in our life, we had to fight with our lunch before consuming it. An interesting experience indeed.
Beach Bums
Being a beach bum is a state of mind. It does really help to have a beach to bum on, but many of us can’t do that year round. We enjoy our time right here, [...]
It’s a jungle out here!
Life in the jungle is fun!
Cheraw, SC
The Prettiest Town in Dixie
How a town in the middle of nowhere turns out to be one of the most interesting stops so far.
A day at the beach
Life in the woods
Our life in the woods and how busy your life can be when you have no regular job.
Knee Boarding
Knee Boarding on Smith Mountain Lake
Fun time on the lake including a free lesson in knee boarding for Agnieszka and Nadia.
Smith Mountain Lake
Four states in two days - a story of an epic storm, flooding and search for a better weather.
A new food series by Agnieszka. Introducing Kimchi.
Bajan's Family Quest
We Hit the Road!
A short update on our whereabouts in the last few weeks.