We’ve left Hunting Island on Friday morning. We headed south towards Jacksonville, where we’re about to spend the next seven days. Today is the last day of September, a month during which we’ve only spent couple of nights in actual beds. I’m proud of us all, but mostly of Agnieszka, for whom the camping experience seems to be the most difficult. Especially as the last few weeks have been rather damp and moist. Sometimes cold, other times hot, but always wet. I think we’ve deserved a break. The next week we’ll spend in a clean and dry hotel downtown, with such luxuries as cable TV and 24/7 high-speed internet.

On our way to Jacksonville, we’ve decided to visit Savannah, which we’ve heard is a beautiful town. We’ve arrived around 1.00 PM and fooled by a “Bike Route” sign next to our free parking decided to explore the city wearing helmets. First we had fix them though – a week of sand and salt water proved to be lethal for the chains. Once I got them all fixed we hit the streets, only to realize that this otherwise gorgeous downtown wasn’t built for bicycles. Cobblestone streets with tram cars near the river are as picturesque, as they are uncomfortable. We’ve ended up walking the bikes most of the time.

At some point, we stopped next to a small statue and wanted to take a picture with all of us in it. We asked a bystander for help, only to be answered in Polish. Turned out we’ve asked a lovely lady from Philadelphia, who happened to be originally from… Chorzów! Among other things, they also showed us a way to the City Market, which is a great place for lunch, especially if you’re a fan of New York style pizza…