Mexico City 2

Almost ready to leave, but catching up on some posts that should have been written long time ago…


Semana Santa

The Holy Week preceding Easter Sunday is one of the most festive times in Mexico. Semana Santa draws crowds to the beaches.


Las Puertas de San Miguel

To say goodbye to beautiful SMA I present a gallery of the colorful doors that I found wondering around town.

Rustic colorful door in the town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexic

Teotihuacan, the Birthplace of the Gods 4

After visiting one of the biggest pyramids of the Ancient World, we weren’t expecting to be impressed with something more spectacular that same day. As usual we were wrong, very wrong…

Alex sitting in front of the Pyramid of the Sun


Hit the Road Again 6

Time to leave San Miguel de Allende. We loved it here, and we’ll definitely keep it dear in our hearts, but it’s time to start a slow descent back to reality.


A Church on Top of an Ancient Pyramid 3

Christians came to convert and safe the indigenous people of Mexico. Now, the ancient civilizations are extinct and their sacred structures are literally topped with Christian temples…