DIY Christmas Stamps
Very cute Christmas project that even a 4 year old can do!
What can you make out of felted sweter?
Recycling at its best! Cute, yet simple project for a fashionista.
How to make recycled kids party favor boxes
My obsession continues. What else can you turn a toilet paper tube into? How about some chocolate boxes..
Mobil- a great gift for every little girls room
A little rewind... still posts from SMA that I did not have time to publish. How to make a beautiful mobil from recycled materials.
Spring is officially here!!!!
Spring has arrived in San Miguel de Allende and the town blossomed.
A shamrock anyone?
Just in time for St Patrick's Day a lucky shamrock made out of... a toilet paper tube.
Spring is in the Air
What do do with an old egg carton and a tpilet paper tube? See for yourself!