Las Puertas de San Miguel
To say goodbye to beautiful SMA I present a gallery of the colorful doors that I found wondering around town.
Spring is officially here!!!!
Spring has arrived in San Miguel de Allende and the town blossomed.
What to do when you have a sore throat?
Last week I found myslef lying in bed, not even able to go to the bathroom. I was sick. It wacked me out of a sudden, without any warning whatsoever, no [...]
A shamrock anyone?
Just in time for St Patrick's Day a lucky shamrock made out of... a toilet paper tube.
Spring is in the Air
What do do with an old egg carton and a tpilet paper tube? See for yourself!
Girls Best Friends… Weights
Agnieszka, our fitness expert shares a few insights about lifting weights. Ladies only:-)
Chocolate and Cinnamon Mousse
A recipe for an uncommon, nutritious and very tasty dessert!
Avocado…the Fattest Fruit of All
There are so many misconceptions regarding this fruit, Agnieszka decided to clear them up.
Chocolate and Nut Trufles
Fast and easy receipe for nutricion packed dessert. Your Family will love it!
The Atrocities of Mexican Cuisine
Caution: This article is only for people with nerves of steel and serious appetites! Agnieszka shares the intimate details of Mexican cuisine specialties.