Positive Energy

How positive thinking can help you score a coffee, that a “free lunch” actually do exist in nature and that allergies can be cured by placing stones on your forehead by German witch doctors.

My son, Alex suffers from all kinds of allergies. We discovered early on that he does not tolerate eggs, which make him swell, he gets rush all over his body, turns red, starts chocking and crying. Really terrible thing to watch, especially when it happens to a small child. Later we’ve discovered that walnuts and pollen, cause similar reaction, just not as severe. Last year, during Nadia’s soccer play, he tried pistachios. That experiment turned into horror involving epinephrine injection and ambulance ride. Well, maybe it wasn’t as bed as it sounds, but it cased us to skip a bit or two. After the EpiPen injection, Alex supposedly quite enjoyed the ride and made a tons of  friends at the emergency room.

We’ve tried different things to diagnose those allergies and try to cure them. Unfortunately, traditional western medicine didn’t have much to offer beyond Benadryl and Claritin for instant relief. We do believe that natural and unprocessed food is much better for you than mickey dees and that with just a bit of exercise, you can keep your mind and body sound. Open to alternative solutions, we’ve started to look for a local witch doctor. Turns out, it’s not that difficult to find them these days, you just Google them! We’ve chosen the closest one.

Agnieszka was expecting to meet an old Indian woman performing her witch craft (involving dried snakes and bull frogs) in a tepee. To her relief and maybe just a bit of disappointment, the alternative medicine practitioner was actually operating a regular office and instead from a Tuscarora tribe, she was from… East Germany.  The procedures applied were a bit strange, but not invasive and what’s most important, they actually worked! After a few visits Alex is free from pollen and eggs allergies!

This a bit long introduction is however to arrive at a point when our East German witch, asked her opinion about our crazy road trip says to my wife: “Always think positive. Positive energy attracts positive energy!”. You know what? I think it’s true… Call it karma, positive energy or dreams coming true, but once you decide that you want something to happen, it always will. So be careful, what you wish for…

Since I’ve published the post about our Sabbatical being official, I’ve received so much positive comments and encouraging feedback, that I must simply re-think my usually skeptical attitude. Only today I’ve been invited by an almost total stranger to Ireland, offered three free lunches, got couple of web design work offers and received a few more “OMG!” comments on Facebook. Best off all: I got a free coffee at local Barnes & Nobles! Well, that one isn’t really related to this blog, just me being a “regular” customer, who simply forgot his wallet…