Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree

Short on cash this Christmas? Are you conscious about our environment? Here’s a simple Christmas Tree project you can do with your kids.

It’s holiday season, and we have some serious problems getting a real Christmas tree. Even though it’s not impossible, it is rather expensive to get a live tree in San Miguel de Allende. Since our budget is rather short and we are trying to be environmentally concious, Nadia and Agnieszka came up with a version of an inexpensive and eco-friendly Christmas Tree. All it takes to make this holiday decoration is an old magazine (visit your hair dresser if you’re running short on color publications), some ribbons and beads. Or actually, whatever you fancy…

315 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree”

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! I know this may sound odd, but I started crying when I watched it. Besides the fact that I miss you all like crazy, I feel what started as a dilemma, not having a tree, turned it an amazing lesson; Christmas is not about the traditional tree. You both are teaching your children so much on this journey; “presents” that will always be with them. Love you all:-)

  2. Just so everyones knows it was not our idea, I saw it somewhere but I thought it is worth passing because it is sooooo easy:-) Thank you all for your coments

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