Sabbatical Resources

The decision to quit jobs and to pursue our passions, seek adventures around the World and to design our own, alternative lifestyle was a major turn in our life. We have found inspiration and guts to take that step while watching movies, reading books and other people blogs. It took us a fair bit of time and research to gather relevant information from reliable sources. Along the way we’ve decided to catalog all that data, mostly for our own use, but also to help others who might be going through a similar process.

  • Sabbatical Inspiration

    The decision to put our life on hold and to set off for this Sabbatical road trip did not materialize in an instant. It’s been a long and slow process.

  • Negotiating Sabbatical

    Once the decision to take a Sabbatical is taken, it’s time to get serious about it’s financing. If you plan to continue your career, you need to prepare for a tough discussion.

  • Home Schooling

    When we decided to set off for the Sabbatical, we took the conscious decision that we will home school our kids on the road. Unfortunately, none of us is a teacher, and we really didn’t know where to start. After an extensive research, we’ve managed to compile a list of books and other resources.

  • Traveling

    Traveling only on the surface looks easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to map out the optimal route, check all the requirements, find accommodations, attractions and everything else.

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