Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions:

  • How come I receive new posts per e-mail! I didn’t subscribe to this…!

    This is my fault entirely. If you’ve ever shared your e-mail address with me, either directly or through any of the social networks (i.e. facebook, linkedin, etc…), I’ve managed to import it somehow into WordPress’ newsletter plugin. Let me know if you want your e-mail removed.

  • How can you afford this trip? Does anyone sponsor it?

    Let me ask you this way: How can we afford not to take this trip? It’s mostly money at the root of this question, but that is only one dimension. What about time, what about life? How can we afford not to try to see the World, while we have the chance? How can we limit the discovery to the material resources available? I wish we had a sponsor – even though our trip is probably less than half of what you expect, it’s still probably twice as much as we’ve anticipated. Without a job, we have more time at hand, but we don’t have a source of income. We are living off of our savings. Instead of a new car or a swimming pool, we’ve decided to put our careers on hold and enjoy life for a change.

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