The Sabbatical

Sierra Madre Oriental
Christmas Holidays in Mexican schools started this year on December 17th and will last untli January 9th, 2012. That Friday was a last day with backpacks [...]
How to spend a year out travelling with kids
The Sabbatical finally explained in numbers.
Feliz Navidad!
From the heart of Mexico, to all our loyal readers - Feliz Navidad! We want to wish you a Merry Christmas!
Our Mexican Christmas
Getting ready for Christmas, Mexican style. A short update on what we've been busy with in the last few days and how we plan to spend the Holidays.
How to make lemonade in Mexico
Alex, our youngest scamp presents an instructional video for all his fellow misfits in the World. In this short video, he'll explain, how to prepare a [...]
Fernando de la Mora
Fireworks and great music, a true feast for the senses. Fernando de la Mora gave a great concert in park Allende.
The Bajan Family
Golden rules of Happy Families
Our "Family Philosophy" explained. As of a week ago, I didn't know that we had one, today I list all (or most) of it's rules.
Charreria, a rodeo Mexican style
Is a cold autumn day possible in San Miguel de Allende? Apparently so. We were exposed to one recently. The one of five every year, when you wish there was [...]
Cyber Attack
We've been hacked! Almost...
Jugo Verde – Mexican Green Juice
Not only the Parents, but the entire Family is now involved in creating this blog. Today, Nadia and Alex explain what is Jugo Verde and how you can prepare [...]