Stay Healthy on the Road
We've been traveling for almost 7 months now. In that time we had only one case of a mild fever and two ticks. Agnieszka explains what we do to stay [...]
Fitness on the go, how I stay in shape while travelling.
Agnieszka explains how she stays fit on the road. Experience based practical advice for travelling families and stay home moms alike.
Tamales, gorditas and jugo verde
Agnieszka offers a glimpse of Mexican cuisine. She talks about observed eating habits, food nutritional values and typical dishes.
For the first time in our life, we had to fight with our lunch before consuming it. An interesting experience indeed.
A new food series by Agnieszka. Introducing Kimchi.
Ho Voglia Di Te
I Desire You, I Want You
How crossing a bridge I stumbled upon an interesting story and why I had to spent hours researching Italian love stories.
Daniel H. Pink
What Motivates Us
Put the stick in the corner and feed that carrot to your donkey! We don't need to be managed to be efficient, just give us a little breathing room and we thrive.