Never Travel to Mexico 24

Finally we understood that our Sabbatical is nothing, but a big mistake. An old friend of mine pointed it out gracefully. He also shared a few reasons to avoid Mexico.


Rainbow flag

European Man Bag 5

What’s the fastest way to attract male companions using female accessories and how to squeeze your house to a shoe box.

Farewell to Alstom 89

How to erroneously make tons of friends, why you should never mix Jannis Joplin with a glass of red and why a perfectly legitimate farewell can cause pangs of conscience.

Red Wine Spill

Road Trip Planning 74

How to cope with stress at work, and about the importance of having detailed plans. In other words, hope for the best, but have a plan… or at least a very preliminary rough idea draft of a plan.


Wet Road

Risky business 3

How experienced travelers apply common sense to everyday situations to make sure they don’t miss a chance to get soaking wet on their way to work.

Focus is key! 2

Why loosing focus is bad, loosing Focus is not. How your mind’s clarity depends on bugs in your teeth and what to do on a curve.

Country Road at sunset

exit sign

Exit Interview 1

What’s the difference between exit strategy and an exit interview and how to find a bargain in our neck of the woods.