The End of the Road 4

After 14 months of wanderings, it’s time to finish the journey. This is the missing, long overdue report from the last part of our trip.

View from the South


Portlandia, where people ride naked 2

Portland is one of those cities that you either love or hate. We visited downtown for only a few hours, but we got the essence of it: naked bike riders, gay pride festivals, homeless people dancing in the streets, etc…

Memorial Day Weekend 1

Unlike normal people, we hate weekend. And Memorial Day is probably the worst of them…


Yosemite featured

Visit at Yosemite

Forced to cut our visit to Yosemite short, we thought we were not going to see much…boy we were wrong

Grand Canyon to Fresno 1

From Grand Canyon to Fresno, California. We are on the move, but hoping to be able to stop somewhere for at least a week. By now, setting up and folding down the camp is our second nature….



Trek Updates

Just a quick update on our whereabouts. Don’t really have enough time for a longer text…